Veterinary Clinic Milpitas


Pet Health

Veterinarians tending to a DogYour pet deserves the very best life, and we’re here to ensure that happens.  From their early years as puppies and kittens to their elderly years as dogs and cats, we manage their lifetime of health.  You should be as concerned about your pet’s health as we are!  Start with a lifetime health plan so you can spend many years playing with and loving your pet.


Training your pet means more than just having them learn the basics like Sit, Stay, Come.  Your pet needs to be well behaved beyond the basic training.  This means you’ll have to stay with them for the training and get trained on how to manage a well-trained pet.  Much of our training goes into how you will be managing your pet.


Grooming helps your dog or cat look their very best, for any occasion.  Contact us to have your pet cleaned, and quaffed for your next affair!  Bring your long hair, short hair, dog and cat to us, and we will make them look their very best.  We offer bathing, cutting, drying, services for their hair and teeth cleaning, anal gland expression, and niceties for their look.  Give us a call to find out prices.  Your Milpitas groomer is here to help!

Pet Boarding

Sometimes you just have to get away.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your pet could have a vacation while you’re away too?  Try our boarding facilities.  We make it so your pet enjoys their day as much as you enjoy your trip, even if your trip is a business trip.  We have them enjoy their stay in the room, and on the premises.  Call us today to have your pet interviewed for future stays.  We screen all of our temporary residents so they have a chance to show that they get along with other pets.  This is for their safety as much as for the other pets safety.  You wouldn’t want it any other way.

Here is an aquarium in Milpitas CA.

Doggie Day Care

Check us out on Local Pet.  We will make your day stay that much better.